Banner Carpet Care promises that you will want to roll, play, nap, read and lounge on your carpet after we do our work.  A clean carpet creates a warm and comforting home.

李响 is my Chinese name.  In English, it is spelled Xiang Li. Now that I am living in America, please call me ‘Nick’.  My family home is Anshan City in Liaoning Province.

University of Science and Technology Liaoning (Anshan, Liaoning Province, China.

It is exciting to be in Colorado and to be running my own business. When I arrived I was both thrilled and a little worried. Would I be able to be successful? Would I learn new things fast enough?  Would I find my way in a new land? Would people help me?  I am happy to say that so many people welcomed me and assisted me.  I found business mentors, Americans who had visited my country and many, many others who assisted me in countless ways.

Many of my family members have been in business and I have learned to honor detail, dedication, service and hard work.  These principles are part of everything I do with Banner Carpet Care.  I invested in excellent equipment and learned from skilled carpet experts so that every job I do makes me proud and my customers happy.

My first carpet jobs were in large, well-kept and beautiful homes.  I did not think I would be able to show my new customers how my careful work had cleaned their carpets so well.  After the jobs were done we all laughed together because we had proof of my work with all the dirt that my equipment had pulled from their carpets.  It was then that I understood I had learned my trade well and I was confident in my business – and that Colorado was the perfect place for me to be.

In China, there is a concept we call Guanxi. Guanxi is the fundamental glue that holds society together.  It is the relationships between people. Building good business relationships and trust are very important in China.  After being in America, I believe they are just as important here.

I look forward to meeting you and making sure that my service leaves you with a smile and very clean carpet.